The Course

Tutors and mentors are fundamental figures in education path, at any level. They both make a positive impact on the community through their work, advices and support. Tutors and mentors are fundamental actors also in  European projects management. They contribute to the success of the mobilities. Tutors and mentors’ roles are thus extremely important: their work begins before the participants are selected, becomes fundamental during mobility and ends at the end of it. In order to guarantee high-quality standard, all the phases of a mobility project, involve a tutor such as sending organization tutor and receiving organization tutor.    


The course provides information regarding tutors and mentors competences in mobility projects as well as other sectors, and their relevant role in assuring a successful experience, either of mobility or not. Trainings will be characterized by a participatory approach: each participant is required to taking part into discussions, confrontations and experiences. 


  1. Definition of concepts: Tutoring, Mentoring, Supervision and Coaching
  2. The most important characteristics/skills
  3. How to communicate effectively
  4. How to facilitate learning

Free time activity included: visit to Amalfi-coast


  • Recipients: Headmasters, teachers and any other school staff
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Language: English/Italian
  • Teaching methods: classroom lectures, group work, workshops
  • Materials and technologies used: LIM, slide, tablet, pc, web
  • Venue: Salerno, Italy
  • Date:  20-25 May  2019 – 10-15 June 2019 –  21-26 October 2019
  • Registration end date: 20 April – 10 May – 21 September
  • Price: 420,00 Euro

If a schedule-change is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will consider any participants request.