The Course

In the context of the wider reforms at European level, a number of tools are now available to document qualifications and competences (learning outcomes), with the aim to make them understandable and comparable across European countries. This system increases qualifications transparency and flexibility in Europe. In order to be implemented, the system should be underpinned by the following principles and technical components: Europass Mobility;  European Qualification Framework for lifelong learning (EQF); ECVET;.

The course aims at presenting the highly beneficial opportunity for cooperation between various institutions of the EU member states; the positive effect on vocational training in Europe;  how to implement the process of assessment, validation and recognition; how to fix such processes by the relevant institutions; the recognition of achievements.


Upon completion of the training course, participants are expected to:

  • acquire the necessary knowledge of European policies and evolution in the field of vocational education and training;
  • be able to design training courses using learning outcomes;
  • be able to structure the contents of the training courses in units of learning outcomes and assign ECVET credit points; use Europass Mobility tools; and EQF qualification.


  1. European context in education and training
  2. European Qualifications Framework (EQF)
  3. ECVET toolkit
  4. Europass Mobility documents

Free time activity included: visit to Amalfi-coast


  • Recipients: Headmasters, teachers and any other school staff
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Language: English/Italian
  • Teaching methods: classroom lectures, group work, workshops
  • Materials and technologies used: LIM, slide, tablet, pc, web
  • Venue: Salerno, Italy
  • Date:  15-20 April 2019 – 15-20 July 2019 – 14-19  October 2019
  • Registration end date:  15 March – 15 June – 14 September
  • Price: 420,00 Euro

If a schedule-change is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will consider any participants request.