We value individuals, highlighting their potential and accompanying them on the path to achieving their educational, professional and personal goals.

We support Public Institutions, companies, educational institutions and private individuals, providing them with the tools and know-how necessary to obtain EU and national funding, to implement project activities and to internationalize their work structures and methods.

We want to continue to represent a reference point for the activities in which we have a consolidated experience and a certified quality: transnational mobility, training, Eu project design and management, career guidance and consultation.

But we love challenges, and this is why we always look at innovation: we are committed to promoting innovation in every field, activating processes of confrontation and exchange of new ideas between international actors and local actors, and vice versa.

What we believe:

  • perSonal and professional development of individuals international
  • Mobility as an instrument of growth and openness to the world
  • lifelong leArning as a strategic resource for social and work inclusion
  • inteRnational networks for innovation and exchange of good practices
  • Territory as a starting point for sustainable growth.

In a word, we work hard to help build a more SMART world.